They’re Here: 2016 Lexus RX 350

I was so excited this afternoon when I looked out of my showroom here at Lexus of Ann Arbor and seen a car carrier unloading new inventory. Knowing that the RX 350 should be arriving any day, looked at greater detail to see what was on the trailer. It was then that I seen the floating roof line that I had seen in photos of the 2016 RX. Finally, they’ve arrived!

I alerted another Sales and Leasing Consultant and bolted out the door for a closer look.

2016-Lexus-RX-350-F-sport-rear 2016-Lexus-RX-350-and-450h-New-Arrival 2016-Lexus-RX-and-NX-rear-side-by-side 2016-Lexus-RX-and-NX-front-side-by-side



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