Seven Passenger Lexus RX Coming to New York Auto Show?

Lexus RX Next-GenerationWhile the new generation was a no-show at the Detroit auto show this year, sources say that the next-generation Lexus RX will be debut at the New York auto show in April. Many consumers are eagerly awaiting its arrival to see if it will grow in size and accompany a third-row of seats to accommodate up to seven passengers.

Lexus RX Next-Generation

Many consumers, myself included, would be delighted to see the automaker’s number one selling Crossover/SUV hold up to seven passengers. Having seen the spy photos from Motoring, I have my reservations on the RX hitting a growth spurt anytime soon. With Lexus bringing the NX compact crossover to market in late 2014 and the RX’s growth since its birth, I don’t see it being an impossibility that Lexus will stretch the RX to add a third row.

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My predictions are that the new RX will grow slightly in size and not offer a third row. Additionally, I’m willing to bet that the model will feature more aggressive body lines and remote touch (similar to that of the NX and RC). Only time will tell if these rumors become truths. Luckily, we will only need to wait until April to see if the next RX will have a third-row or not!

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