Rumor: Lexus to Debut New Compact Sedan at Geneva

Rumor has it that Lexus will be debuting a new concept at Geneva 2015

Last year the Japanese automaker had no intentions to create a vehicle smaller than the CT 200h, but there are reports otherwise. Australian based website Motoring has reported that Lexus will debut a new compact to serve as a direct competitor of the Audi A1 (pictured below). The model will probably not be released until the second-generation CT200h makes it to market.


The global head of Lexus, Tokuo Fukuichi, has announced that a compact luxury sedan is something that the automaker is “seriously considering”. Fukuichi later added that this concept would be debuted in Geneva this year.

Ultimately, there is still much consideration needed before this rumor becomes reality. It has been suggested that the new compact sedan may be built from a new platform. There is a posibility that the vehicle may feature a hybrid and/or turbo engine, which does not seem too far off with the Lexus NX 200t being the first Lexus model to feature a turbo.

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Geneva 2015 kicks off in March and it will be exciting to see if Lexus debuts the the concept of a new and edgy city compact vehicle.

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