Lexus Memory Seat, Mirror, and Steering Wheel on 2015 ES 350

Programming Memory Seats and Pairing Smart Key in Lexus

If your vehicle is equipped with Lexus Memory System for driver’s seat, outside mirrors, and steering wheel have you paired your smart key to automatically position your seats, mirrors, and steering wheel upon entry? For Lexus models equipped with memory seating and smart key entry, you can set your seats any one of the three memory positions upon entry of your vehicle with just a few additional steps. Watch the video to see it in action, or check out the step by step instructions below.

Lexus Memory Seating with Smart Key on 2016 Lexus ES 350

There are two processes that must first be completed to have your seats automatically adjust to a memorized position when unlocking your doors with the key fob or smart key and handle pull. First, you must set the seat to one of the two or three memory positions. After successfully adding a driver adjustment to memory, you must pair it with your smart key.

Setting Seat, Outside Mirror, and Steering Wheel Positions to Memory:

After you’ve gotten your seats and steering wheel in a nice and comfortable position and you can see what is going on behind you with your mirrors hold the “SET” button on the memory seating control panel (located on the top right of the driver’s side door panel). While holding “SET”, select the memory slot you would like store your personalized settings on. Hold both buttons until you hear a faint beep. Once you hear the beep, you can release the buttons and your seats, mirrors, and steering wheel are now set.

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Pairing Smart Key to Driver’s Memory Settings:

If you have not yet set your set your seats to one of the available memory slots, see the section above. Once you have your personalized settings stored in memory, you can pair your smart key with these settings so the seats adjust automatically when the key’s “owner” unlocks the vehicle. Start by making sure the vehicle is running or in accessory mode. Next, put your seats into position using the button that you have your memory settings stored under. (Important! At this point, it is imperative that you have only one smart key in the vehicle and doors are closed completely.) Hold the “SET” button and while holding the set button, hold press the unlock switch on the door (Important! Make sure that you’re pressing the unlock button on the door and not your key fob.) You will here a couple of beeps and the process is complete.

The only thing left to do now is test it out and enjoy!