The Lexus LS is the crown jewel of the Lexus sedan line-up. After being introduced along side the ES 250 in Detroit and Los Angeles, the iconic LS and the new Lexus brand set off to take on luxury vehicles like those of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Rolling out as the LS 400 in September of 1989 the LS offered superior craftsmanship, reliability, and luxury. It was a task that took nearly six years to complete since it’s inception by Toyota Motor Corporation. In December of 1991, the Japanese automaker crossed a major milestone having been named the best-selling luxury import; outselling both Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

LS 400 (Generation I: 1990-1994)

First entering the luxury sedan market, the Lexus LS 400 was among the first vehicles to feature a digital A/C readout, power adjustable shoulder belts, heated front seats, and auto headlamps. Engineers had set to surpass American and European luxury sedan rivals in 4 key areas including aerodynamics, cabin quietness, overall top speed, and fuel efficiency.

LS 400 (Generation II: 1995-2000)

The second generation LS was redesigned close to 90% from its predecessor. Offering more interior space and more rear leg room, the 1995 LS 400 was named “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science. Also, a more powerful V8 engine gave drivers 264 HP (19 HP more than the previous generation.

LS 430 (Generation III: 2001-2006)

LS 460, LS 460 L, LS 600h, LS 600h L (Generation IV: 2007-present)