Lexus Cost Among the Least in 10 Year Maintenance

Along with depreciation and initial vehicle cost, maintenance is one of the largest cost in ownership of a vehicle. It is with great joy to announce the findings of a recent study compiled by YourMechanic. It may (or may not) surprise you to hear that Lexus is on the bottom of a list, but a very good list to be on the bottom of.

YourMechanic Services Inc. specializes in auto repair, maintenance, and diagnostics has compiled a list of the most expensive cars to maintain. Over a ten year span, the group has found that BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Volvo, and Audi are the most expensive vehicles to maintain.  Without surprise, Asian import vehicles have been found to be the least expensive when it comes to the repair shop.

Which Vehicle Brands Cost the Most to Maintain?

Brands that cost the most to maintain

Lexus’ major competitors BMW, Mercedes, and Audi cost nearly $12,400 or more to maintain over ten years versus Lexus’ $7,000. BMW sets the bar high (or is that low?) costing 154% more to maintain over a Lexus vehicle. While luxury vehicles do call for more experienced technicians which mean more expensive repairs, Lexus vehicles were ranked least expensive to repair under most economy class vehicles. The only vehicles that were noted to be less costly to maintain were Scion and Toyota (two sister brands).

Which Car Models Cost the Most to Maintain?

Car models that cost the most to maintain

Some of the most expensive luxury vehicles to maintain over 10 years were the BMW 328i ($15,600), Mercedes-Benz E350 ($14,700), and the Audi A4 Quattro ($12,800). Every vehicle has it’s price vice. The most common issues seen in BMWs include problems with the window regulator, idler pulley, and/or drive belt tensioner. A Mercedes is 15 times more likely to have issues with the crankshaft position sensor.

Common Car Issues by Brand

Unusually common car issues by brand

In a perfect world everything should work properly. Nonetheless, these are machines created by humans who are often imperfect. We make mistakes; hopefully that mistake was not purchasing a vehicle on the top of any of these list! On a lighter note, there are other options for you to consider if you’re not feeling the urge to fork over thousands to your BMW, Mercedes, or Audi repair shop…

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Which Vehicles Models Have Lowest Maintenance Cost?

The Lexus IS 250 and the Lexus RX 350 both made the list of vehicles that offer the lowest cost to maintain over 10 years. Both models will run you on average of about $700/year over the 10 year span. Of course, $700 per year sounds pricey for your 40 to 60 thousand dollar Lexus, but remember there are fewer maintenance issues you need to worry about in the early years. Not to mention, it sounds a heck of a lot better than the $1,780 per year average of a BMW!

Which Vehicles Brands Are Most Likely Not to Start?

What’s worse than owning a money pit? How about one you spent good money to drive…

Car brands most likely not to start

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for, or less.” Not only is your initial purchase price important, but depreciation and long term cost of maintenance come into play with your overall cost of ownership. Keep this in mind when it comes time to find the right vehicle or replace that broken down XYZ. Most Lexus owners visit their dealership very frequently, but it’s mostly for the coffee and car wash. 😉