Lexus LS 400 Driving for 1,000,000 Miles

There are cars that may be fortunate enough to make it pass the 100,000 mile mark and I’ve even driven a Lexus with over 300,000 miles on the odometer, but the #millionmilelexus may soon become a reality.

Matt Farah, host of /DRIVE and The Smoking Tire, purchased his 1996 Lexus LS400 with just under 900,000 miles out of Florida for $1,500. Farah plans putting nearly another 100,000 miles on the Lexus just to see what happens. While he may not have the time to drive all the miles himself, he has given the opportunity to journalist and those wanting to be a part of the Lexus history. Tavarish (author with, took advantage of this opportunity and writes about it in his latest article.

The car drove the 500+ mile trip as if it never got the memo that mechanical parts have an expiration date. Apart from an issue that prevented the car from downshifting automatically with throttle input, the car handled itself remarkably well, considering that it had multiple round trips to the moon under its belt. It felt like an S-Class with 200,000 miles, or a Ford Crown Vic with 60,000 miles – just enough creaks and groans to know it was used by previous owners, but not enough to earnestly check the mirrors for a trail of parts.

Tavarish tells more about his experience on the Jalopnik article below.

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