Lexus Creates an Amazing Full Sized Cardboard Car

In honor of the Lexus Takumi (and their origami kittens), Lexus put a team of London based engineers together to craft an “origami car”. Lexus Takumi, are the highly disciplined and respected master car-makers. The word Takumi itself translates as “artisan” from ancient Japanese.

There are a total of 12 Takumi that hand-stitch the leather on Lexus vehicle instrument panels. Usually this task is reserved for automated robots on an assembly line as it requires refined precision and extreme dexterity. In order to even be considered for this highly skilled position, one must be able to fold an origami cat with their non-dominant hand. Sound simple? Well get folding, because you only have 90 seconds to fold your origami cat and be qualified!

Okay, enough about kittens, lets talk about the cardboard. Nearly 1700 individually shaped pieces of cardboard were used to make the life-sized Lexus IS 300h. Using the same Computer Aided Design (CAD) models that Lexus used for the IS 300h and modern laser cutting tools, these cardboard craftsmen took a two dimensional medium and made a 1:1 3-D replica.

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The use of cardboard adds an extra sense of fluidity and movement in the already shapely IS body. It almost resembles that of a topographic map with contouring lines tracing around the curves of the hood and trunk of the Lexus IS. Seeing this vehicle drive down the road would surely turn heads.