Display iPhone Text Messages on Your Lexus

The ability to send/receive text or email messages is available on select navigation equipped Lexus vehicles. For iPhone users, there is an extra step required to enable this feature after pairing your phone to the Lexus’ Bluetooth system.

To take advantage of this feature, go to your iPhone’s Bluetooth Settings (Settings -> Bluetooth) and make sure your phones Bluetooth services are turned on.iPhone-6-Bluetooth-Settings

Ensure that your vehicle’s Bluetooth system is paired to your iPhone and click the information icon to the right of your vehicle to display additional Bluetooth options. Toggle on the Show Notifications options located at the top of the menu. iPhone-6-Bluetooth-Device-Options

You may need to reset/reconnect you phone with the Lexus Bluetooth system to ensure that the changes are registered. Once everything is setup correctly, your navigation scree can display text messages from your iPhone. Sorry Apple iPhone users, you will not be able to send messages via remote touch. However, on 2015 models and newer, you can use Siri Eyes Free and send messages or do anything Siri can do that way by holding the off-hook button.

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To check compatibility, visit www.lexus.com/mobilelink